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The World Police and Fire Games where held in NYC with teams from across the globe participating. The games where pushed back one day and became a two day event instead of the scheduled three due to the Hurricane. Once the hurricane cleared out we had perfect rugby weather and where able to start playing by 10 am Monday morning. The NYPD A side played Northern Ireland Police in the first match of the tournament. PD was able to score first and make the conversion. The team played all out and never let up but unfortunately came away with a loss. Next PD played an unexpected game against the FDNY A side. This was a surprise match that the team only had ten minuets to prepare for. The FDNY A side had dropped out of Division I and came down to Division II taking over the absent Chicago PD teams place. The unexpected game took PD by surprise and the team came out flat the first five minuets and was unable to recover ending the game with a Loss. The third game of the day was against the original Division II FDNY team at 4 pm. After waiting for three hours after our loss to the FDNY Division I team the team was ready for payback. The PD team came out ready to play and dominated the game physically and by keeping possession of the ball. By the end of the match FDNY was out of gas and the PD had its first win of the tournament and its first win against a FDNY team in three years. On Tuesday PD played  Calgary Police and played all out to secure the only Tie of the tournament. The second match of the day was against Clark Country (Las Vegas) Fire. This was by far the hardest hitting game of the tournament. The PD team fought hard but came away with a loss. We also where able to enter a second team into the tournament. The B side gave it everything they had and gained a lot of experience playing in the games. The B side played five games over two days.  I want to thank all the players that came out to practices in preparation for this event. The team came together and never let up during the tournament fighting hard every minuet of each game. Thanks to Andrew Gheraldi for coaching us to get us ready for the tournament. This tournament really brought the club together and with everyone’s commitment gave us the opportunity to field the strongest team we have had in years. 

NYPD vs. FDNY Game 2011

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Match Report's

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported our team in our annual charity match against the fire department.

This was a heartbreaking loss for us 17-10. Everyone played hard and never gave up.

We where able to donate two custom made bike’s for military veterans with

the money raised.  Thank you to the McNaughton and Engeldrum families for your sacrifice and your continued support.

The World Police and Fire Games was a total success even though mother nature did its best to cancel the games. The NYPD was able to enter two teams into the 2011 tournament that was held here in NYC. Even though most of the officers playing had to work the night before due to the hurricane everyone made it out to play in the tournament. The NYPD A side ended up with a record of 1 win, 1 tie, and two loses. The NYPD B side though they played hard ended up with 0 wins and 4 loses in the tournament. Both teams played hard but faced very tough competition. Both teams had a great time and look forward to playing in the next WPFG tournament.NYPD WPFG 2011